List of supplies for a Fashion Design student.

On the first day of my BA Fashion Design Degree my tutor handed out a list of supplies and I was shocked at how many things I didn’t own and the little time I had to get it all. Talk about giving us notice… I like to be prepared so having this list before that day would have been great!

I’ll add some context; I had moved to London just a week and a bit before so I wasn’t confident with travelling around London AT ALL and I didn’t know where any supply shops were. She gave us a list of addresses but previous to this, I had only ever come to London for day trips and wasn’t the biggest fan of using the underground… Have you ever seen the film Creep?! If you are moving to London, download the app Citymapper and it will save you from unnecessary stress, getting lost and will give you the confidence needed when travelling- it seems that everyone is for themselves here and walks with purpose and has little patience, especially when using the underground, so get clued up. The tube scared me and this app literally saved me!

The recommended supply shop was Morplan.

The list:

  1. Fabric Scissors
  2. Rotary Cutter
  3. Embroidery Scissors
  4. Paper Scissors
  5. Dress Making Pins (lots of!)
  6. Magnet (for when you make the horrendous accident of dropping all your pins)
  7. Tape Measure
  8. Tailors Chalk (pack containing white, red and blue)
  9. Pattern Master (I would recommend the perspex)
  10. Pattern Notcher
  11. Pattern Drill (I currently use a sharp pencil…does me well!)
  12. Tracing Wheel
  13. Un-picker
  14. Magic Tape (masking tape is just as good and cheaper)
  15. Mechanical Pencil (because it’s sharper and more precise than a regular pencil but is a pain in the arse when it doesn’t work properly!)
  16. Regular pencils
  17. Pencil Sharpener
  18. Rubber
  19. Pen (good for labelling pattern folders)
  20. Sewing needles (supermarkets do great cheap ones)
  21. Black and White thread (just as standard)
  22. Sewing bag (I use a clear plastic Soap and Glory wash bag out of accident and it has not failed! I’ve never had a pin poke me or a pair of scissors piercing the bag)


Other things to note are Hobby Craft do 10% student discount and Supermarkets are good for buying sewing needles, thread and pins in emergencies.

Everything listed apart from a pattern drill and a magnet are staples in my sewing bag. Amazingly, for my 1st year, I didn’t even have a pattern master- like HOWW?!!?

Have a lovely day,

-Hope xx



About this blog…

On this blog I will be documenting my skills and essential bits of information about Fashion Design and Pattern Cutting that I have learnt/learning about. I will also be posting about beauty products because it’s what I spend most of my money on- I love it. I started this blog because I’m at uni and I want somewhere to document my time in London.

-Hope xx