Beautiful Berry Red Nails

Hi all!

I’ve been wearing nude nails since my last nail post and they desperately needed redoing so this evening I spent an hour painting my nails and watching Youtube videos.

Raspberry Wine by Sensationail has been my ultimate favourite ever since I bought it one or two years ago maybe even more. The shade alone is gorgeous but the tiny little sparkles add that extra shimmer and makes it wow. I think this shade is much easier to wear than red but still has the sexiness and glam. I love it! But the bottle could be bigger!

Let me know if you have a favourite gel nail polish? Also, does anyone know any good shine wipes? I recently bought some new ones and they dull the shine, so disappointing because I have 500 of them to go through. I thought I’d hit the jackpot buying 500 for like a fiver, but no, however, they also double as a prep wipe so not all is lost!


Have a lovely evening,

-Hope xx

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