Fashion Design ‘Identity’ Project Update: Christina Aguilera, Sportswear & Fetish.

Hi all!

Today marks the beginning of the Easter holidays, woohoo! I had a lovely lie in and did everything a little slower, like having a shower, doing my makeup and hair- properly. I’m not actually going anywhere today but I plan to get on with uni work and find it helps to get ready as though I was going out. Over the two weeks holiday I have to complete lots of uni work so i’m going to be very busy, but that’s not to say I won’t be going home for a weekend and I also have my youngest sister coming to stay with me in London for a night.

11th April is my hand in for portfolio pages: 8-10 A3 landscape pages of research and 8-10 of design development, plus 30 more designs supported with samples. I have the Easter holidays and the Monday and Tuesday before to complete everything. The Wednesday just gone (21st) my tutor looked over my entire project and ACTUALLY liked my ideas; I think mainly because she also loves Christina Aguilera but i’ll take that. The title of this project is ‘Identity’ which I am repeating because I never completed it last year sooooo I’m doing it again BUT differently. The first task was to come up with three different areas to research and combine.

I brainstormed ideas and two ideas stuck out. One being my love for Christina Aguilera, I have always thought she was amazing: her music, confident persona, films and trashy 90’s/00’s fashion- that’s awful but so iconic. I too plucked my eyebrows an ugly kind of thin but thankfully they have grown back. The other idea was sport, I have done many different activities such as swimming, golf, horse riding, trampolining but stopped all for various reasons but the main one is that I don’t like competition, I’m a chicken. I chose sportswear/sportsluxe clothing to integrate with Christina’s 00’s fashion.


After a week of researching further into Christina Aguilera I have taken inspiration/ideas from Xtina’s film Burlesque and Music video for the film Moulin Rouge titled Lady Marmalade, both of these inspired me to look into burlesque and fetish clothing. I will be experimenting with leather, latex and pvc, also possibly a heavy satin as suggested by my tutor. I am most excited to use the first three fabrics listed as I have never worked with them before. One criteria for my assemesnt is technical ability and by challenging myself with new materials and methods should help me achieve a higher grade- if done right.

So my three words for this project are Christina Aguilera, sportswear and fetish.

pink_2.jpgrihanna puma

These are some of the photos I used in my research that are on my laptop, I also used magazines to get images and collaged them together. My tutor suggested I go to fetish shops to look at styles and finishes. I will drag my boyf around these shops because I don’t quite fancy going by myself.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far!

-Hope xx


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