A Wish List of Dream Designer Bags

Hi all, as the title states this is a wish list of designer bags, this is just a bit of fun and i’ll be adding to it whenever I find a new one. Please comment below if you know any other gorgeous bags! Have a lovely day,

-Hope xx

chloe Faye backpack
Chloé Faye small leather and suede backpack £1,290

Back when I was in college (2012) I bought a Zara mini city bag (on the right) and fell in love with the size and style- if I remember rightly it lasted me a long time before it became tatty and broke. The Pashli bag by Phillip Lim has reminded me of it and though it’s quite different I still think I would love the Pashli the same. Hopefully one day I can afford it… (£545 eek!)

chloe faye backppack
Mini Faye backpack in smooth & suede calfskin £1,020

Again another Chloé bag, but this time in a mini version, isn’t it so beautiful! The only downfall is the suede flap because it would mark/dirty easily and it’s a hard to clean fabric.

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