The ‘Alexandra’ Jacket

During my first year at uni studying fashion design (2015), I made a cropped zip-up jumper over the period of two evenings. I hand stitched the white rope around the sleeves, triple checked all the notches matched up and then rather proudly gave in the garment as part of a contextual assignment. The only down fall at the time was that I did’t line it and although you can’t see it but each panel is wadded so it looks really messy inside.

alex jacket.jpg Modelled by my sister, Alexandra

I recently found the pattern so after I finish this year of uni (21st May) and in-between working full-time, I am going to source some fabric and recreate this BUT better. Possibly might add in a pocket to make it more functional. I’m excited! I really enjoy fabric shopping and I need to be more confident in lining a garment.

aa.jpgI still love the styling of this outfit but the position of the hat makes me laugh because it looks like i’m trying to sell it.



What do you think of the Alexandra jacket? (or just the Alex jacket, I really can’t decide)

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-Hope xx