JW PEI Animal Friendly Handbags


I love handbags!

Do you?

I love them even more if they’re vegan leather

like JW PEI

which popped up on Instagram the other day

And naturally

I went browsing…

BLush colour bags.jpg
Fiona £97 Alice £67

I’m so tempted by them, they’re all under £100 which is fab! but I can’t afford these however it doesn’t hurt to look. They’re all so pretty.

Ring £90 Bucket £82

On JW PEI‘s website they share a lot about their brand values, for example their passion for only using vegan leathers and recycled materials. The linings of all of their bags are made from recycled plastic bottles (since 2018 collection) and for a relatively new brand (2016) it is really incredible to see such goodness.


I had to put an image of this watch at the bottom because it’s so pretty also you can chose from a selection of colourful vegan leather straps. I don’t remember the last time I wore a watch but this one struck me as maybe something I would wear.

Please feel free to leave a comment and thanks for reading, have a fab evening,

-Hope xx