Blogmas Day 4: The Incredible Konjac Sponge

Welcome to day 4 of Blogmas: vegan and cruelty-free style

This post is dedicated to the incredible konjac sponge.

It’s amazing!ksponge30.jpg

If you aren’t aware of this biodegradable, 100% plant fibre sponge then you need to go out and get one. It’s truly amazing to remove makeup and exfoliate with. I pair it with an oil based cleanser and it gently removes all traces of makeup without making my skin feel really dry like when using a flannel. I don’t think I can go back to using a flannel, I can really feel such a difference in terms of how gentle it feels on the skin. Another pro is that it’s fully compostable.ksponge2.jpgA konjac sponge should last between 2-3 month with proper care.

  • never leave it in the shower or on a surface of water because it won’t be able to fully dry and bacteria will multiple causing your sponge to break down quicker, therefore it will need to be replaced sooner rather than later
  • leave it to dry on the radiator so it can fully dry: shrivelled and rock hard
  • disinfect in hot water (not boiling) once a week for 3 minutes
  • be careful to squeeze it gently after each use as to not damage the natural fibres because it will deform. I learnt this from my previous sponge because I would squeezed it tightly after every use and it quickly started to crumble and become al bitty. I would be washing my face and bits would fall off. Not good

ksponge1.jpgWhere can you buy them from?

Personally, I buy mine from Homesense because they are cheaper and I can stock up on them for half the price. They are usually about £10 but i bought mine for £4! I first discovered them in Oliver Bonas in waterloo station but you can get them in Boots and other beauty stores. This rectangle shape is meant for the body, however I prefer to use it for my face because it’s more comfortable and targets a larger area and does the job quicker.

Let me know if you use one. They’re my obsession right now, I recommended my older sister to buy one when she visited me in London, and I recommend you try one if you haven’t already.

I may sound stupidly excited but i love them, haha.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow for day 5,

-Hope xx

Blogmas Day 3: Vegan and Cruelty-Free Lipbalms

Welcome to day 3 of Blogmas, vegan and cruelty-free style.

I thought it would be appropriate to post about lip balms on Blogmas day 3 because it’s getting increasingly colder here in London and I’ve been preparing myself for the colder months.lip balms.jpgBenecos Natural orange oil and shea butter lip balm was the first vegan lip balm I bought  and I got it from Greenbay in London, it’s pretty average as far as lip balms but it does the job nicely and I payed £2.45. On their website they state that the lip balm is not tested on animals and the word vegan is clearly marked on the tube. I featured this product in Greenbay supermarket haul which I’ll link here.

The rather fancy looking black tube by P’URE is my most recent purchase, I saw it tucked away in the corner of a shelf in Holland and Barretts. I don’t usually like this type of applicator but I was very intrigued by it’s sleek packaging and the ingredient papaya, it just seemed great, you know..? And I’m happy I bought it because it smells nice, the consistency is good and you barley need much to cover your whole lips. I’m liking it however at full price it’s £5.99 but I think I paid £4 in the sale. This product is also palm oil free! which is a plus and also not tested on animals.

What’s your favourite lip balm? Leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading, see you tomorrow for day 4 ❤

-Hope xx


Blogmas Anybody!? Vegan And Cruelty Free Beauty And Skincare Products

Only five minutes ago I got the idea to do Blogmas, I realise I’m technically a day late BUT I’m excited by this challenge and really fancy giving it a go ❤

I’m obsessed with makeup & skincare and LOVE the run-up to Christmas so this should be fun and hopefully helpful to you in regards to Christmas presents whether that be for a loved one or yourself.elf2.jpgSO….. I thought I’d start with a haul of e.l.f. cosmetics. A couple of days ago I was shopping for zips and thread for my pre-collection garments (just incase you didn’t know, I’m in my final year at uni studying fashion design) and after I’d bought everything on my list, I drifted into Boots to have a little look around. Even though I didn’t need anything I certainly wanted things. Boots was my FAVOURITE shop before going vegan & cruelty free and since I’ve found it quite limiting. However, I was breezing past the makeup aisles and spotted e.l.f. and remembered that @WifeLife via Instagram stories had mentioned they did vegan and cruelty free makeup. This is also my first time using e.l.f makeup!

Also, a little side note, e.l.f. don’t sell in China, as confirmed by CrueltyFreeKitten and all of their makeup brushes are 100% synthetic as confirmed by EthicalElephant. *hyperlinkself 1.jpgThis year has been a BIG turning point for me because I’ve recently become vegan (3 months on the 7th) and before that I was slowly introducing vg&/cf products into my makeup bag and skincare cupboard and now I make an effort to buy only vg&cf. I’m low-key enjoying finding out about these new brands and about the ones I’ve been using religiously for years. I don’t think anybody I’ve spoken to about this has found it interesting but I’ll shout about it here.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 21.09.26.png

The above three point statement is from e.l.f’s website.

It would be amazing if you left a comment and visited my blog each day for BLOGMAS!! See you tomorrow ❤

Thanks for reading,

-Hope xx


Berry French Manicure Using SensatioNail


Hi, how are you?

Last night I spent an insane amount of hours painting my nails, I started at 7:30 and finished past midnight, but that was mainly because I re-did them after first going to town on glitter, oops.

red mani.jpg
SensatioNail is Vegan & Cruelty Free

I used my all time favourite colour from SensatioNail, Raspberry Wine and painted only the tips. What do you think about them? I’m not 100% because I think they look a bit clown like in person but I think I did a good job painting. If I were to stick to a more natural colour they would have looked better but I was so interested in trying this. Again, a wooden cuticle pusher was my best friend for cleaning up the edges before curing. Just before I did the top coat,  I decided to add some sparkle with a little red piece of glitter. I’m not usually a fan of dots on my nails but it was super late at night and I fancied doing something different. I have a few ideas in mind inspired by this look which I cannot wait to try out.

What’s your favourite gel nail polish?

Have a great afternoon,

-Hope xx


A Surprise From SensatioNail: Cruelty Free And Vegan Brand

Oh, hi SensatioNail, I never knew you were vegan and cruelty free! I am thrilled I don’t have to throw out all my favourite polishes and start over again.

‘No, SensatioNail is not tested on animals and does not contain animal products’

manicureeI had been wondering and avoiding searching up the answer to this question afraid that it would result in me having to replacing all my favourite polishes and spending heaps amount of money (that I don’t have), but I’m pleasantly surprised and relieved to know I can keep on buying from this brand. I was going to post this on World Vegan Day but I didn’t want to be disappointed. I know, I’m so sad.. and dramatic french manicureI spent what felt like hours painting my nails Thursday night. I do tend to make a meal out of painting my nails but I enjoyed it. Initially I was going to paint them all over in clear gel polish but after doing the first coat I decided to add a light pink to the tips. I thought the finish was so pretty. Also, a wooden cuticle stick was my best friend in cleaning up around the edges of my nails before curing under my UV light, I never knew how useful they could be so I would definitely recommend you use one.

Fast forward to yesterday (Saturday) I worked 9-8 and was making food pretty much all day and had to wear powdered gloves, in result the pink tips all rubbed off. I was gutted.

My nails are so long and strong right now that I want to keep them this way! I think I’ll paint them this week but chose a more stand-out colour. I don’t have work this week which is a plus!

Look out for more nail posts 🙂

Thank you for reading and have a fab day,

-Hope xx

v v v Vegan Diary: Happy World Vegan Day!

Evening all, how are you?

First of all, happy world vegan day!

It’s strange how things work out…

I never considered the idea of going vegan nor did I even have the interest to look into the whole lifestyle and reasoning behind it. I simply rolled my eyes at those people. And now I’m one of them…

I’m coming up to my two month anniversary on the 7th. I’m so proud of myself and do not regret this lifestyle change for a second. I cannot believe how natural the transition has been from being pesci to veggie to finally vegan. But that is not to say being vegan hasn’t been overwhelming because it was and still is. Especially when it comes to eating and going out for drinks. I. Find. That. Stressful. I basically panic and I really don’t like being a bother and asking the waiter or bar staff if anything is vegan, plus I feel super awkward.

Things I love:

  • Knowing that there are so many brands (beauty, fashion, food)  and people to discover through veganism

Things I don’t love:

  • Feeling awkward to ask if something is vegan

Update: Final Year at uni studying fashion design:

This is a cute pic of a pig I draped on my mannequin to help generate ideas for designs

I have decided to base my pre-collection on animal testing, butcher shops (animal slaughter basically) and protesting. I have spent so much time researching this over summer and decided to further my interest into my studies. Hopefully all goes well and I end up with a fab collection. Monday is my first fitting eek!

If you fancied following my progress on Instagram: @skycoyne go for it, I would appreciate it 🙂

Thank you for reading, have a fab evening,

-Hope xx

I want to add a little side note for myself: something is better than nothing.




JW PEI Animal Friendly Handbags


I love handbags!

Do you?

I love them even more if they’re vegan leather

like JW PEI

which popped up on Instagram the other day

And naturally

I went browsing…

BLush colour bags.jpg
Fiona £97 Alice £67

I’m so tempted by them, they’re all under £100 which is fab! but I can’t afford these however it doesn’t hurt to look. They’re all so pretty.

Ring £90 Bucket £82

On JW PEI‘s website they share a lot about their brand values, for example their passion for only using vegan leathers and recycled materials. The linings of all of their bags are made from recycled plastic bottles (since 2018 collection) and for a relatively new brand (2016) it is really incredible to see such goodness.


I had to put an image of this watch at the bottom because it’s so pretty also you can chose from a selection of colourful vegan leather straps. I don’t remember the last time I wore a watch but this one struck me as maybe something I would wear.

Please feel free to leave a comment and thanks for reading, have a fab evening,

-Hope xx

Vegan Makeup and Skincare Haul

Yesterday was my last day of work for my summer job and instead of going straight home, I walked over Hungerford bridge, past Embankment tube station and continued to Covent garden. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon and it was lovely and sunny, I however was not dressed for the weather because I was wearing jeans, a turtle neck, a zip-up jacket plus I had my winter coat hung over my arm. I was hot and a little uncomfortable. All of these items were appropriate for that morning because I left for work at 6am and it was blimmin’ cold then. Even though I was boiling in the heat, I still decided I didn’t want to go home yet. Instead, I was mentally writing a list of all the skincare and makeup items I had run out it. I decided Boots was a good shout for vegan and cruelty free makeup but every store I went into was only a small branch and didn’t stock the brands I was after.

I continued on and spotted Holland and Barrett and picked up all the items below:v makeup.jpgI swiped MiaFlora Rosehip Oil from the shelf because I’ve read many articles claiming it’s anti-aging benefits and how it’s a staple for great skin. I can never justify spending £20 on organic rosehip oil as it’s often priced, and amazingly this product was half price so I didn’t pass on the opportunity.

A couple shelves down stocked a small range of Sukin skincare and there sitting pretty was the moisturiser I was looking for. I’ve recently decided to go down the route for oil balancing skincare products to help with my shiny situation. I don’t think it’s enough for me to just use a primer and a powder to target excess oils. This moisturiser in conjunction with my oil balancing toner should make a difference. Sukin is a fabulous brand for affordable vegan skincare and is my go-to.

Lastly, I picked up the Dr. Organics Tea Tree Toothpaste because it was only a pound and tea tree is antibacterial so a win win for oral hygiene, plus it’s vegan. I haven’t thought about replacing my tooth paste for a vegan one because I have two open tubes but since this was only a pound I couldn’t pass it up.v skin.jpgMoving onto the most important product in makeup: mascara. I have been scraping the sides of the tube for a couple weeks now because I haven’t had spare time to go shopping. I was also struggling to think of a drugstore brand that sold vegan mascara… I knew that The Body Shop sell a range of vegan makeup and thought it my safest bet. Incredibly, the vegan makeup was labelled clearly on the price tag making it so easy to shop. One thing I hate is asking whether something is vegan or not because I’ve had two incidences that have left me embarrassed and feeling awkward, unwelcomed and even a little annoyed. Both times have been food related and the companies fault, the first was an incorrectly labeled item and second, they didn’t take the item off the menu (and had a really bad attitude). Both of these caused unnecessary confusion and horror for me. I’m quite shy when it comes to requesting a certain order and asking for it to be changed if it’s wrong.

Anyway… getting back to makeup. The body Shop are selling single shades with shade palette cases, I realise I might be late to this discovery but I only knew about this yesterday. A HUGE pro with The Body Shop palette case is the mirror! How amazing is that, it will make doing my makeup on the tube 10x easier. I was so impressed and it came at perfect timing because I was looking for a single brown shade to replace the last tiny bit of product I had of a MAC eyeshadow (Espresso) which I’ve been using for my eyebrows since my first year of college, 2014. I 100% agree I should have thrown it away already so I did just now.

The last thing I bought was a full coverage matte clay concealer in shade 026 for under eyes and spots, I’m hoping this is my colour, it appeared to blend with my skin colour in the shop but I will have to try it out.

I hope you enjoyed looking at what I bought and please leave a comment if you think I should know about any other uk drugstore brands that are vegan and cruelty free.

Thanks for reading,

-Hope xx



Eat The Colours Of The Rainbow- Vegan Meal Inspiration

Yesterday while I was in the library doing uni work, I was listening to a vegan podcast called ChickPeeps, hosted by Evy Lynch (aka Luna Lovegood) and I’m mentioning this because I think it was cohost Momo, who said that the best piece of advice she was given in regards of meals, was to eat the colours of the rainbow. But don’t quote me on that. While I was making my lunch today, I found that piece of advice sneaking in and I made sure to add as many different colours into my food as possible.lindaa.jpgI based this meal around vegan Linda McCartney sausages, which are THE best sausages, I will forever rave about then, try them if you haven’t already. They are regularly on offer so I always stock up. It may not look like I included loads of colours in my meal but there are some finely chopped orange peppers under all that green goodness. I used what I had in my fridge and this made for a tasty meal. The spinach and tomatoes added some moisture and the broccoli was lovely and soft. To make the avocado I smashed up half and added pepper, peri peri salt and paprika. I’m not the biggest fan of avocado but with some pepper it’s great! Veganfood.jpg

  • x2 Linda McCarnet vegan sausages fried in a little coconut oil
  • 1/2 orange pepper
  • x2 handfuls of spinach
  • 1/2 smashed avocado with pepper, peri peri salt and paprika
  • x8 tomatoes: some fried and the others diced in fresh (for different texture)
  • x2 big stalks of frozen broccoli

I know my bowl looks kind of empty but I shared some veggies with my boyf. I wanted to share this dish because it was super delicious and was a good way to eat up all my veggies in the fridge.

Have a great day,

from a new V v v vegan!

-Hope xx

Celebrating Going Vegan With A Delicious Creamy Chocolate Bar AND…

and a shopping trip to a vegan supermarket, GreenBay in London. The 7th September marks the official day I started a vegan diet. This is something I didn’t think or contemplate would ever happen before this summer and I am so proud of myself.

This is my new Lindt milk chocolate!
This is my new Lindt milk chocolate!

I would say this whole journey started at the beginning of this year when I was packing for uni because when I was making a list of what skincare products I wanted to stock up on, I started to question what ingredients were in the products I used regularly and I began questioning how I could shop with less unnecessary cruelty to animals. I also believe that around this time I watched a documentary on Bees and it showed how they were exploited. From the time I moved to London (February) to go back to uni, I was using these products below in my everyday skincare routine:skincare productsI was slowly introducing cruelty free and vegan product into my routine. Sukin was the first brand that captivated me by it’s long list of benefits that were clearly written on the side of the bottles. I came across it in on the shelves of Holland and Barretts; it’s an amazing affordable 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free Australian brand! My obsession with finding vegan and cruelty free brands lead me to changing my eating habits mid June time, which also coincides with when I started working full time in a kitchen where meat was cooked in abundance- this didn’t disgust me but it certainly made me aware of how much meat was in rotation. I started the job in May (part-time) and I was eating bacon on fries and mayo mixed sauces but by mid June I stopped eating bacon and meat all together. I classed myself as a pescetarian. I loved seafood (and still do), my Grandma loves prawns and fish and whenever we would go out for family meals we would normally share dishes.

At the time I didn’t think I could give up seafood, nor did I want to since prawns were my favourite!v skincare.jpgHowever, after a month or two of being pesetarian, I noticed that I was eating a ridiculous amount of tuna, and people at work started to noticed this too, and it made me question whether I was contradicting myself. I started this journey because I wanted to contribute to less animal cruelty and so eating fish almost everyday for lunch felt wrong. It didn’t feel like a step backwards though. Shortly after my birthday, 15th August, I gave up fish too.v cheeseSide note: I haven’t eaten cheese since 5th July because I visited the doctors with stomach issues and he gave me a list of foods to avoid and cheese was one of them. This has made it easier to forget about cheese since it was making me ill. Also, I have never been a sausage and burger lover, they make me cringe!

From the time I was a vegetarian to then vegan was a matter of approximately two weeks. I binge watched documentaries like What The Health, Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy and I also watched the film Okja in the time before I was vegan. As well as these documentaries I was also watching ALOT of The Vegan View on YouTube; these girls are amazing! I watched their video on why they weren’t vegetarian and it really spoke to me because they highlighted the damaging effects of the diary industry. I never knew diary cows were artificially inseminated each year to keep them producing milk and then the calfs are whisked away shortly after being born. How cruel! I’d never questioned the diary industry before… What these four girls were saying was also what I was hearing in these documentaries. I would not have been a vegan so soon if I hadn’t watched all of these videos, plus a couple more. It honestly felt like a natural change to progress into becoming  vegan.v burgerV v v vegan!

I remember on my first day of being vegan I ordered a decaf flat white and completely forgot to switch out the milk for oat milk or another alternative. It was so annoying but a guy at work assured me that he knew some hard core vegans even slipped up (even knowingly) sometimes. All I can do is try my best.

I’m not 100% perfect but I’m so proud of myself for making this life choice and I cannot see myself going back anytime soon. I feel as though this is the best decision I have ever made and I am immensely proud to be doing something beneficial to animals, the environment and my health. I am enjoying exploring vegan beauty brands and finding new places eat. I had a mock chicken katsu curry at Mildreds the other week and it was lovely! Also Temple of Seitan is the bomb! And Young Vegans do a gorgeous gooey peanut butter and chocolate pie, it’s amazing for period cravings!

 A little reminder for myself: keep educating yourself with veganism and keep asking yourself what it means to you. Keep empathy at your heart and don’t be embarrassed to say you’re vegan. Be proud and keep exploring new foods and beauty brands. Remember going vegan felt natural and you did this 100% for yourself. There is no pressure to be a perfect vegan and to now ditch your leather Dr. Martens, just make sure the next pair you buy are vegan Dr. Martens 😉

Thank you for reading if you made it this far, please share your thoughts or any tips if you’re also vegan or veggie or pesci!

from a new  V V V VEGAN!

-Hope xx