Vegan Dr. Martens

Just look at these beauties!

vgg shoes.jpg
Vegan Dr. Martens, 2976 FELIX RUB OFF £135

I have been eyeing these chelsea boots up for what seems like forever. Over the month of December I was waiting for the opportunity to go into a Doc Martens shop and try them on; all the while hoping they wouldn’t disappoint. I will say I wasn’t blow away when I first saw them but after trying them on I really quite liked them. However I did buy them in a size 6… I haven’t been a size 6 in forever but that was the only size they had and they felt OK in the shop PLUS I was desperate to get them… and so when I got home to my Grandma’s, they felt much too small. Stupid me. It pays to be forwarding to today, I finally went to the shop in Camden (which is amazing) and exchanged them for a 7. For some reason they totally took my heart, I love them, they look different than the previous pair, a good different. I haven’t stopped talking about them and taking pictures and posting them in group chats and on Instagram.docss.jpgMost importantly, they are super comfy and I’ve finally found a pair of chelsea boots that have just the right amount of snugness around my skinny ankles. Yay! Often they can be gappy, you know? They are also a wide fit which is perfect for me because I put in 3/4 length insoles. Also it’s good if you want to wear nice thick cosy winter socks 🙂

I’m a bit undecided whether they are worth the price (£135) because I’m not sure how durable the leather will be. Also the leather doesn’t have such a distressed look which will only show scuffs and scratches more easily. Hopefully they age well like a pair of converse. Although, after saying that, I’m still very pleased with this purchase!

Vegan shoe care products are still to be released.

Have you got a pair of vegan Docs? What has your experience been like?

-Hope xx




JW PEI Animal Friendly Handbags


I love handbags!

Do you?

I love them even more if they’re vegan leather

like JW PEI

which popped up on Instagram the other day

And naturally

I went browsing…

BLush colour bags.jpg
Fiona £97 Alice £67

I’m so tempted by them, they’re all under £100 which is fab! but I can’t afford these however it doesn’t hurt to look. They’re all so pretty.

Ring £90 Bucket £82

On JW PEI‘s website they share a lot about their brand values, for example their passion for only using vegan leathers and recycled materials. The linings of all of their bags are made from recycled plastic bottles (since 2018 collection) and for a relatively new brand (2016) it is really incredible to see such goodness.


I had to put an image of this watch at the bottom because it’s so pretty also you can chose from a selection of colourful vegan leather straps. I don’t remember the last time I wore a watch but this one struck me as maybe something I would wear.

Please feel free to leave a comment and thanks for reading, have a fab evening,

-Hope xx

Fashion Design ‘Identity’ Project Update: Christina Aguilera, Sportswear & Fetish.

Hi all!

Today marks the beginning of the Easter holidays, woohoo! I had a lovely lie in and did everything a little slower, like having a shower, doing my makeup and hair- properly. I’m not actually going anywhere today but I plan to get on with uni work and find it helps to get ready as though I was going out. Over the two weeks holiday I have to complete lots of uni work so i’m going to be very busy, but that’s not to say I won’t be going home for a weekend and I also have my youngest sister coming to stay with me in London for a night.

11th April is my hand in for portfolio pages: 8-10 A3 landscape pages of research and 8-10 of design development, plus 30 more designs supported with samples. I have the Easter holidays and the Monday and Tuesday before to complete everything. The Wednesday just gone (21st) my tutor looked over my entire project and ACTUALLY liked my ideas; I think mainly because she also loves Christina Aguilera but i’ll take that. The title of this project is ‘Identity’ which I am repeating because I never completed it last year sooooo I’m doing it again BUT differently. The first task was to come up with three different areas to research and combine.

I brainstormed ideas and two ideas stuck out. One being my love for Christina Aguilera, I have always thought she was amazing: her music, confident persona, films and trashy 90’s/00’s fashion- that’s awful but so iconic. I too plucked my eyebrows an ugly kind of thin but thankfully they have grown back. The other idea was sport, I have done many different activities such as swimming, golf, horse riding, trampolining but stopped all for various reasons but the main one is that I don’t like competition, I’m a chicken. I chose sportswear/sportsluxe clothing to integrate with Christina’s 00’s fashion.


After a week of researching further into Christina Aguilera I have taken inspiration/ideas from Xtina’s film Burlesque and Music video for the film Moulin Rouge titled Lady Marmalade, both of these inspired me to look into burlesque and fetish clothing. I will be experimenting with leather, latex and pvc, also possibly a heavy satin as suggested by my tutor. I am most excited to use the first three fabrics listed as I have never worked with them before. One criteria for my assemesnt is technical ability and by challenging myself with new materials and methods should help me achieve a higher grade- if done right.

So my three words for this project are Christina Aguilera, sportswear and fetish.

pink_2.jpgrihanna puma

These are some of the photos I used in my research that are on my laptop, I also used magazines to get images and collaged them together. My tutor suggested I go to fetish shops to look at styles and finishes. I will drag my boyf around these shops because I don’t quite fancy going by myself.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far!

-Hope xx