Vegan Food Diary: Fried Aubergine With Lentils and Avo

Last night I signed up for a years membership to Lifesum to help with tracking and balancing my diet. I am struggling to know whether I am getting the right amount of nutrients so I took the plunge and signed up! It’s pretty cheap if you sign up for a year, at the moment it costs £24.99 whereas usually it’s £34.99.

IMG_0183.JPGThis wasn’t a meal the app recommended as I have plenty of veg in my fridge to use up before I go out shopping for more ingredients. I will be sharing more of my food diary as I progress but this one was really tasty. It wasn’t the most filling but I got out of bed late after spending a good 1.5 hours reading Cassandra Clare’s book Lord Of Shadows (book 2 of The Dark Artifices series) and downed two glasses of water and wasn’t hugely hungry anymore. I am on the new year health kick. The app recommended I drink 1-2 cups of water before a meal to help with portion control. So far so good! I’m also aiming to do the recommended time of exercise of 30 minutes SO lets see how that goes…

I realise oil isn’t so great so I’m going to be looking into getting something else…. since I don’t have an oven to roast in.IMG_0184.PNG

Have a fab afternoon! Let me know in the comments what you’re doing for the new year or if you’ve already broken it 😉

-Hope xx