‘Force of Nature’ by SensatioNail

Hey, how are you? I painted my nails late last night and wanted to share what I did 🙂 Side not: Sensationail is also a vegan and cruelty-free brand.force.jpgforce 2froce 3

I used this little dotting tool from Poundland to make the tiny heart on my ring finger. I painted a layer of clear polish before paining the heart just incase the two colours mixed. It’s so cute!

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Berry French Manicure Using SensatioNail


Hi, how are you?

Last night I spent an insane amount of hours painting my nails, I started at 7:30 and finished past midnight, but that was mainly because I re-did them after first going to town on glitter, oops.

red mani.jpg
SensatioNail is Vegan & Cruelty Free

I used my all time favourite colour from SensatioNail, Raspberry Wine and painted only the tips. What do you think about them? I’m not 100% because I think they look a bit clown like in person but I think I did a good job painting. If I were to stick to a more natural colour they would have looked better but I was so interested in trying this. Again, a wooden cuticle pusher was my best friend for cleaning up the edges before curing. Just before I did the top coat,  I decided to add some sparkle with a little red piece of glitter. I’m not usually a fan of dots on my nails but it was super late at night and I fancied doing something different. I have a few ideas in mind inspired by this look which I cannot wait to try out.

What’s your favourite gel nail polish?

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A Surprise From SensatioNail: Cruelty Free And Vegan Brand

Oh, hi SensatioNail, I never knew you were vegan and cruelty free! I am thrilled I don’t have to throw out all my favourite polishes and start over again.

‘No, SensatioNail is not tested on animals and does not contain animal products’

manicureeI had been wondering and avoiding searching up the answer to this question afraid that it would result in me having to replacing all my favourite polishes and spending heaps amount of money (that I don’t have), but I’m pleasantly surprised and relieved to know I can keep on buying from this brand. I was going to post this on World Vegan Day but I didn’t want to be disappointed. I know, I’m so sad.. and dramatic haha.pink french manicureI spent what felt like hours painting my nails Thursday night. I do tend to make a meal out of painting my nails but I enjoyed it. Initially I was going to paint them all over in clear gel polish but after doing the first coat I decided to add a light pink to the tips. I thought the finish was so pretty. Also, a wooden cuticle stick was my best friend in cleaning up around the edges of my nails before curing under my UV light, I never knew how useful they could be so I would definitely recommend you use one.

Fast forward to yesterday (Saturday) I worked 9-8 and was making food pretty much all day and had to wear powdered gloves, in result the pink tips all rubbed off. I was gutted.

My nails are so long and strong right now that I want to keep them this way! I think I’ll paint them this week but chose a more stand-out colour. I don’t have work this week which is a plus!

Look out for more nail posts 🙂

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Nail Polish Haul: Maybelline and Sensationail

Sitting on my shelf are some gorgeous nail polishes just waiting to be used. I may have bought quite a few last week but I certainly got some good deals!

Last week, on the 25th, my boyf and I travelled back home to Eastbourne for 5 days in celebration of his birthday and my sister’s. It was the hottest 5 days of the summer, 30’+, and in result I spent many hours soaking in the sun in my Gma’s back garden and lying on pebbly beaches. Because of all the excitement of going back home, I forgot to pack a nail polish for my boyf birthday party on the 28th, so I went shopping. I wanted to add some extra partayyy to my outfit with a dazzling nail polish. I had to opt for wearing normal nail polish because I didn’t have any gel nail accessories with me, but that was totally fine as normal nail polishes have a much wider range and are also much cheaper and easier to use. I selected these beauties from Savers:

maybelline polishes
Crystal Rocks; Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat; Super Stay 06 Deep Red; Colour Show 352: Colour Show 232

I also went to another discount shop called TJ Hughes, their beauty section is a favourite of mine, especially the nail section, and this time I was shocked to see they had Sensationail on the shelves. I picked up three gel polishes for £3.99 each- each! They’re normally like £15!? I could not believe my eyes and I studied all the colours and settled on: Orange Fizz, Force Of Nature and a clear shade. Out of all the three I picked up I would have only paid full price for Force Of Nature (a deep forest green colour) because for me it’s the most wearable, but that’s not to say the orange doesn’t looks fabulous(!). I bought the clear gel polish because on the days I don’t fancy wearing a colour but still want to keep them long and strong, I could just use this. Also would it work over normal nail polish? Some of my favourite shades are normal polish and I hate how easily they chip so i’ll have to try it out.

sensationail polishes.jpg
Force Of Nature; Orange Fizz; Clear

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Shiny nude nails.

note to self, carry on with uni research after posting this

For about two weeks I had on a set of glittery acrylic nails that had broken and I tried to fix but failed miserably. The nail was like 1cm thick and manky… Gross, I know! But I couldn’t be bothered to soak them in acetone and file them down. So last night, after a few drinks I might add, I picked the remaining six nails off and woke up this morning with horrible jagged nails. I like acrylic extensions but find them an effort to get removed professionally. After lazing around all day with a dodgy tummy from drinking too much cider, I scraped myself up and had a shower then sat down at my table and manicured my nails. They took me a good hour or so. I chose a nude gel nail polish called Pink Pawn by Sensationail. They look beautiful and presentable and I’m so pleased I haven’t got half a nail of regrowth showing anymore- that just looked nasty haha.

shiny nude nails
Colour Pink Pawn

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