Saturday Sewing: Parka Coat Toile no.2

A little diary of myself making a parka coat for my final collection at university studying fashion design. Happy reading!

12:00-14:00… I spent two hours sewing the back of the coat and then realised I didn’t know how to line it so I had to unpick it all… That was annoying to say the least.

14:00-15:10… I ate lunch, watched YouTube videos and looked at technical drawings on Pinterest of parka coats to see if I could work out the split tail at the back. I’m still clueless.

15:10…I’ve decided to work on the front of the coat instead. I can do this. Lets see how this goes… *music on: Nao’s album ‘Saturn’ *hair up

18:10… Completed the right side: zip and zip guard. It has taken me a long time because I had to change the facing to fit the cord channel.

*make a note to edit all the patterns effected: facing, collar, front panel & channel.

*make the zip guard longer by 0.5mm

18:15…. Dinner! I think I’m going to try and make vegan pancakes…

18:50… I mixed up a batch using soya milk, egg replacement and flour. Fingers crossed!

20:15… Pancakes were lush! Now back to sewing. I’m going to begin sewing the zip on the left side of the coat and then attach the flap.

20:55… Had to unpick and add 2cm in width on the left zip extension. UGH!

21:14… Lets start the left zip again…

23:00… Finished the zip and it lines up perfectly to centre front HOWEVER I need to shape the top slightly so it runs in line with the neck line. It’s going well though 🙂

00:00… zzz…

I’ve written my to-do-list for tomorrow and Monday. I need to get everything done by 10am Tuesday for my second model fitting. I do have work tomorrow (9-5) but I still have the evening to get a few things ticked off.

Thanks for reading,

-Hope xx

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