My Boot Collection

This morning I decided to look through my boot collection and throw out any that were old and haggard but I couldn’t part with any of them, so here are all my boots.

First I’ll start with the brand Caterpillar:


BRAZEY in the colour honey, £110 (they’re currently on sale at tReds for only £54.99)

I got these beauties for Christmas probably two years ago (?) from my dad and I still love them as much as when I first saw them, however they do have marks on the front that annoy me so I need to get a suede brush or something to sort them out. I don’t wanna ruin them even more by scratching them! They are incredibly warm and cosy plus the colour is beautiful and the fit is perfect. They’re also the only non-black boots…IMG_0907.JPG


I remember buying these in the tReds back home in Eastbourne, I was deciding between these and the ‘iconic’ black Timberland boots but these won because 1) they’re much lighter in weight, 2) the fit was better, 3) they’re cheaper and 4) I really liked the more workwear, industrial look. I know they’re quite worn in and dirty but I can still see myself wearing them. They are perfect for general situations where they could get dirty like work.

Dr. Martens

IMG_0722 2.JPGIMG_0790.JPGI wore these beauties when I was working at Winter Wonderland and they treated me well, the grip on wet flooring didn’t fail me. These are my first pair of Dr. Martens; I got them from the British Boot Company shop in Camden (right next to Camden tube station) and it was an experience, you should go. It’s tiny but jam packed and has a LONG history.  I tried on a few different styles and settled on these because of the softer leather. At first I was a bit concerned about the width in the toe area but they stretched really nicely and are now super comfortable. I also wear 3/4 length insoles in them for extra support (like I do with every shoe). I think they were about £130? Again, I got these as a gift from my dad for Christmas.IMG_0612.JPG


I purchased these back in December, I also wrote a post about them here, they are my newest edition to my boot collection and they haven’t disappointed. The width across the toes is perfect, there is also enough space to wear nice thick socks. I’ve only worn these once and I can only complain about the top of the boots cutting in but that will lesson over time. The insoles are nicely cushioned and the width of the shoe around the ankle is perfect for my skinny ankles. I suggest having a look at Doc Martens vegan range. I am interested to see how they age over time.


These are my one and only pair of Timberlands and they are OK, I would pass them on to someone else but they were expensive and are still in good condition. I think I’ve had them for 2-3 years, I honestly can’t remember buying them, and now they look a bit clumpy on me and I don’t reach for them ever, but I’m going to hang onto them a bit longer and see if I can make them work. They are also a bit too wide for me as a whole but maybe if I add some full length insoles they’ll be better. They aren’t available on their website anymore but there are similar styles and going by the prices online I must have paid £140. Ouch!


IMG_0834.JPGIMG_0853.JPGAnd finally a more classy pair. I snatched these from Primark last winter and wore them a lot. They’ve been sitting pretty in my wardrobe since moving to London and I think now is the time to wear them. I must remember to get some gel inserts because they are HARD in the toe area. If I were to get anymore boots, I would get some long ones like these. But vegan. If you have any suggestions, please do comment below 🙂

Have you bought any new boots for this winter? Have you got a favourite pair of boots?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

-Hope xx